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Tiffen Open House

Tiffen Open House

Come check out the latest from Steadicam, Tiffen Filters, Domke, Lowel, Davis & Sanford and our other great brands. We will have live demonstrations on the new Steadicam M-1 Volt and Tiffen NATural ND Filters.

See the latest products from great vendors like Bright Tangerine, Canon, Fujifilm, Inovativ, Transvideo and RED.
BBQ and Refreshments will be served throughout the event.
Grand Prize Raffle Drawing

One day only Warehouse Sale!

Registration and further info found here.

SOA Spring Workshop 2018

May 06 - 11,2018

The Steadicam Operators Association conducts the world’s best Steadicam workshops twice a year in a small village about an hour west of Philadelphia.


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