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 Name (Last, First): Bierling, Patrick
 Company: Steadimotion Film
 SOA member since: 10/01/2009
 Profile last updated: 10/13/2016 9:38 AM
 Home State/Country:  Germany
 Home City/Province: Munich
 Will work as local in: Germany & United Kingdom
 Phone #: +491707780069
 Mobile #: +491707780069
 Fax #:
 Unions: SOA
 Languages: english, german
Demo Reel Video:
Experience (years): 8
Own a Steadicam: Yes
Rate (10hr day): call with gear
call without gear
My Equipment:
MOVCAM PRO CARBON FIBER 2STAGE POST, ARM UP TO 50lbs, Tilta Gravity Gimbal, Transvideo Monitor6" SBL superbright, IDX CW3 wireless HD Video, Sounddevices Monitor/Recorder 4K PIX-E5, Segway X-2

Cam:: Sony FS7, REd Raven Body, Fujinon 22X LENS, Canon C300 Rig,Canon Lenses, Xeen Primes, Dedo LED Lights, Audi A4 Allroad ...
Special Skills:
Also work as Operator & DOP
Experience : Gimbals, Drones, Segway Operating
2016 BavariaStudios, Steadicam
2016 24productions, Steadicam/Gimbal
2016 FcBayern, Steadicam
2016 Mercedes Benz AMG, Steadicam
2016 The Amazing Race China B-Roll Footage and Race
2016 Audi Motor Sport Tv
2016 Imagefilme Image-/Industriefilme
2015 HD+ UHD pro7sat1Media AG, diverse Produktionen
2015 Galileo, diverse Themen
2015 Audi TV, Motorsport
2015 Image-/Industriefilme für Grosskonzerne
2015 Condenast/Kraftstoffmedia, Mode
2015 Hansmann PR Speedo Commercial
2015 Arte TV diverse Reportagen
2015 Bayerisches Fernsehen diverse Formate
2015 Süddeutsche Tv GmbH diverse Formate
2015 Servus TV diverse Produktionen DoP
2014 The Amazing Race US TV-Show First Frame Pictures
2014 Melitta® BellaCrema – Genussreise Commercial DoP
2014 Pilot Hamburg GmbH REWE Pro Planet Imagefilme DoP
2013 Reload TV-Magazin, SWR Uke Bosse RIESENBUHEI Zuspieler DoP
2013 Conde Nast – Glammy Award 2013 Markus Ehinger Kraftstoff Media DoP
2012 Schladming – Die Weltmeistersterstadt Reportage ORF WEST4MEDIA DoP
2012 BMW - M6. Virtual and Real Imagefilm Uke Bosse Propaganda GEM ltd.
2012 Reload TV-Magazin, SWR Uke Bosse RIESENBUHEI DoP
2012 Gillette – Men Step Up For Gold Commercial Casta Diva Pictures DoP
2012 SAP - Visual Enterprise Imagefilm Sommer & Co. GmbH making off
2012 Adidas – UEFA Go All In For You Commercial Heimat Werbeagentur DoP
2012 Melitta® BellaCrema – Genussreise Commercial Julian Benedikt Benedikt Pictures
2011 Härtetest extrem Reportage, RTL II agenda media GmbH DoP
2011 Gillette – Father Commercial Julian Benedikt Casta Diva Pictures DoP F3, Alexa
2011 D.A.S. – Klarer Kurs Imagefilm Georg Wehle PixPACK 2nd unit DoP
2011 Coke Sound up – N.E.R.D. MTV Marc Schütrumpf Feschfilm DoP Filmfootage
2010 Olsen – Fashion (Internetclip) Imagefilme Voss & Sonnenberg
2010 Qoach GmbH – Coaching Imagefilm Andreas Hammerl Framestyle
2010 Sunset Star Featurefilm Andreas Michera Sunset Star Film DoP Australia
2009 Sehnsucht nach Schönheit Dokumentarfilm, BR Benedikt Picture
2008 The Amazing Race TV-Show, CBS USA Bertram van Munster First Frame Segway & DoP
2006 Thomas Hampson – TV-Event Bernhard Fleischer Bernhard Fleischer M… HDCam
2006 Anne-Sophie Mutter – Mozart TV-Event Bernhard Fleischer M… HDCam

Projekte als Steadicam Operator
2016 AMG & Mercedes Benz Sindelfingen / askJeff Zürich
2016 Audi Motor Sport
2016 Serus Tv Talk / Redbull Media
2015 BR Bayerisches Fernsehen diverse Produktionen / TMC
2013 Arri Commercial Naumann Film Alexa & Steadicam Boat
2013 E-Handwerke Kinospot Naumann Film Red Epic & Segway
2013 X-Games Munich ESPN Steadicam Operator & Support
2011 KIA - GBCS Werbefilm Jong Won Kim duofilms [us] Arri 435/535 Super low-
2011 Gilette Venus – Gender (Spec) Werbefilm Staatliche Akademie Stuttgart Arri BL4
2011 Coke Sound up – N.E.R.D. TV-Event, MTV Marc Schütrumpf Feschfilm
2010 Istanbul Dokumentarfilm Filiz Emre Nis Productions [tr] HDCam F900R
2010 cosnova Catrice – Bodouir Commercial Fine Arts Medienservice
2010 Olsen – Fashion (Internetclip) Imagefilm Voss & Sonnenberg
2010 cosnova Essence pure skin Commercial Fine Arts Medienservice
2010 Sunset Star Kinospielfilm Andreas Michera Sunset Star Film Dop Australia
2010 Qoach GmbH – Coaching Imagefilm Andreas Hammerl Framestyle
2009 Sehnsucht nach Schönheit Dokumentarfilm, BR Benedikt Pictures
2009 Just In – Just In Porsche Imagefilm Benedikt Pictures

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